TAZZANIN Association's activities for 2013

» Signature of the Convention with the Ministry of Health.
» Donating clothes for rural schools.
» Training participation :
• Two training of members and staff by Handicap International.
• Training for the responsible of the nursery by A.R.I.F.T.S (School of Early Childhood educators in Nantes France.)
• Training of administrative responsible by l’I.N.D.H, theme « participatory approach »
• Training of the members and staff by S.O.S village under the theme « Ensuring the safety of children. A policy of child protection »

» Payment of a registered work accident insurance for staff.
» Circumcision of 14 children.
» Schooling of 27 children.
» Signature of a partnership with Handicap International.
» Celebration of all religious feasts.
» Establishing an inventory of the nursery furniture .
» Update the website of the association.
» The construction of two metal frames to cover play areas financed by l’INDH.
» The construction of two small rooms multisensory stimulation.
» Repairing & painting of rooms and course of the nursery.

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