Acts of the Association

The main action of Tazzanine is taking care of dropped out children 24 to 24 hours the 365 days of the year

By providing for all their needs:

  • • Food
  • • Hygiene
  • • Clothing
  • • Schooling of children (insurance payments and school supplies).
  • • Medical and paramedical care

By organizing:

  • • Activities inside & outside the nursery to ensure psychological development of children as outputs (snacks and entertainment offered in hotels, beach, pool, public gardens, Mc Donald etc.).
  • • All religious celebrations in the nursery (Aïd, Achoura etc.)
  • • Circumcision of boys in the nursery.
  • • An afternoon dancing for dropped out children
  • • Open days in the nursery.

By ensuring :

  • • The salary of 31 people who help us in the daily management of the Nursery.

By creating a dynamic of exchange and cooperation with local and international associations

  • • By organizing visits to the maternity and pediatrics of the Hassan II Hospital on the occasion of 8 march (International Women's Day).
  • • The Tazzanine Association belongs to the local and regional cell to fight against violence towards women and children.
  • • The Tazzanine Association is part of the Agadir social platform under the partnership between the Prefectural Council of Agadir and the General Council of the Atlantic Loire in France (Training of our staff and the reception of their trainees)

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