Financial transparency

Our resources are random from one year to another, grants received and individual donations are not regular and vary from year to year, the association can not make predictions.

Individual donations are the most important part of our resources and the salary of the staff of the nursery remains the heaviest burden for the association

Our resources

» Donations
» Cash donations
» Sponsoring
» Activities organized by the association for collecting donations (open days, ladies afternoon). grants of : • Urban municipality of Agadir.
• General Council of the Atlantic Loire.

Our expenses

» The most important expense is the support of staff salaries.
» Maintenance Fees of the Nursery.
» Fuel, insurance, vignette and maintenance minibus.
» Buying medicines, radios, scanner, analysis.
» Specialist fees (psychomotor, speech).
» Schooling fees of children.
» Buying missing food.
» Buying office supplies and school supplies.

The Association expenses increase according to the number of children received.

Our difficulties

» Problem of not being able to limit the age of children admitted to the Nursery.
» Support for disabled dropped out children.
» Unqualified personnel.
» Difficulty for the renewal of the office.
» It is sometimes a work beyond the scope of volunteering.
» Difficulty of assigning roles and their limitations among different stakeholders about dropped out children.

Needs list of the nursery

Medium Diapers - Max Diapers - adult Diapers - Cerelac - Guigoz 1st age - Guigoz 2nd age

- Pasta - Couscous rice - caster Sugar - Sugar - Tea - Vermicelli

- Lens White Bean - Tomato Sauce - Cheese - Jam - Chicken - Meat - Table Water

- washing soap - Baby oil - cleaning products - Machine Products - disposable gloves etc ...

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