The president's word

Wen you cross the sad look of an dropped out baby, you have a heart that melts and you want to take him in your arms and give him all the world love. You smile to him he stares at you. He also gives you your smile, he wants to play.
His small hand clings to your finger he does not let you go, but everything has an end, you have other issues you must leave but he stays.
He had hope to go with you, to have a loving family, a warm home to welcome him, a sure future, a normal life. Anyway this is what I wish for all these dropped out children.

This difficult task based on the division of roles I share it with a great team, very energetic and generous.

With it, we can do many things for these children so that their future will be brighter.

S o I call to all goodwill to help in continuation and development of our action among these deprived children. In advance, thank you for your support and your confidence.

Mme Fatima-zahra Abdel-Ilah

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